Huasco Song (2007)

Huasco Song is the performative part of Huasco Songs, a collaboration between artists Gerardo Gonzalez, Stian Skagen and Erikk McKenzie.
The project consists of the 8mm film Huasco Songs, audio recordings, texts and a photo exhibition.

The project was based on a research travel by McKenzie and Gonzalez in Valle Huasco, Chile, in January 2007. Bordering to the Atacama Desert, agriculture in Valle Huasco depends on water supplies from glaciers. As Barrick Gold, a multinational mining company, were permitted to mine under the glaciers from the Chilenean government, conflict arose between short term and long term, intercontinental and local interests.

Blending interviews, facts and personal reflection, Huasco Songs explores the field between documentary, activism and performance, in a dialectic between man and nature, gold and water, life and death.

Download: Huascosongs leaflet

8mm film / choreography / performance: Erikk McKenzie
Music and audio recordings: Gerardo Gonzalez
Music, video projection and leaflet layout: Stian Skagen
Production year: 2007