Since 2001 I have produced electronic and electroacoustic music within a wide range of genres and in various collaborations. I am interested in the point where noise meets music, and in the way sound and physical situations intertwine. My method is based on sampling and programming using hardware equipment, combined with acoustic sound sources and field recordings, and influenced by the physical factors of theatricality, dance and the choreography of bodies and instruments. My music projects has included collaborations with other musicians like poet/rapper Atlars, sound artist Stian Skagen and vocalist Evelin Tóth. Amongst solo projects are the album DROP YOUR PELVIS, BLUE, YELLOW and RED. My compositons have been used in several productions by Duda Paiva Company, and my latest composition for “Fabelflakseren” (Unge Viken Teater 2020) included sampling and rearrangement of children voices.