Erikk McKenzie is as an artist working with music, dance and contemporary theater.
In his solo work and through various collaborations, he has developed an interest for the relation between sound and performativity,
in both choreography and improvisation context. His work explores the crossing between disciplines,
the relation between body and language, sound and image and human/nature dichotomy.

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He has produced and choreographed performances for schools, clubs, retirement homes, theaters and public spaces, and has performed in productions by choreographers and theater directors like Min Tanaka, Francesco Scavetta / Wee, Avdal / Shinozaki and Nina Ossavy.
He has composed music for Duda Paiva Company, recorded albums in collaborations and solo, and has played concerts, sound performances and live mixes for radio in places like A38, Colombus (Budapest), Bimhuis, Zaal100 (Amsterdam), Vanguard, Mir, and Sound of Mu (Oslo). Headline photo by Artemis Antoniou.