Erikk McKenzie is as an artist working within dance, music and theatre.
With an educational background from choreography and dance, he often applies a multidisciplinary approach to theatre and performance.

The stage is a place where different artistic disciplines can merge together and co-create temporal experiences.
The stage is a social interactive meeting point, where ordinary rules of life do not apply (or at least applies in a non-ordinary manner).
The stage is a centre of attention, where movement can be initiated – a focus point which can be applied to any real or virtual space.

As a choreographer, he has produced performances for theaters, clubs and public spaces, as well as for schools and elderly homes, and also appears as a performer in other productions. He plays concerts and produces music as a solo artist and in various collaborations, and also composes music for theater productions. Additionally he has created experimental videos and exhibitions.


“opening the chest, arms finding lightness and freedom” by erikk mckenzie