Ullers Hage

Ullers contact jam event 2018

Between 2014 and 2022 Ullers Hage was a home, artistic residency, vegetable garden and cultural meeting point in Nes, Akershus. Through the residents Yngvil S. Thomassen and Erikk McKenzie the place was a venue for practical gardening as well as cultural and social events inspired by permaculture principles, organic farming and community building.
Here is a list of events which have been held at Ullers Hage since 2014:

Sowing event, with a presentation of the project “Salong” by Katarina Skar Henriksen and Håkon Vadstein Karlstad.

Harvest event, with art exhibition by Renate Soleng and a performance by Erikk McKenzie “Dance for Ullers Hage”.

“Nature in Art #1 and #2”, a dinner symposium on the relation between nature, art and activism, with presentations from Concerned Artists Norway and presentation of ceramic musical instruments by Birthe Kittelsen.

Climate Cinema – film screening as a part of the Climate Festival § 112.

Contact improvisation / music jam event.

Film created on location:
“Syklus” by Erikk McKenzie
“Ullers Labyrinth” by Katarina Skår Henriksen & Erikk McKenzie

Ullers Hage has also hosted artistic processes like “Salong”, “Stemmebånd” and “Attack Decay Sustain Release”.

Still from “Ullers Labyrinth” (2017) by Katarina Skår Henriksen & Erikk McKenie