“thought/i” performed at I Like To Watch Too, Amsterdam. Photo: Maria Zendrera

In this solo performance Erikk McKenzie uses dance and masks in an attempt to create and stage a contemporary mythology. Arising from rationalist and positivist ideals, and embodying the Cartesian bond between thought and identity, the character dances the story of human progress and destruction.
Why did we create the idea that we were separate from nature?
Can this idea be broken down to the relation between cognition and identity?

Concept, performance and text:
Erikk McKenzie

Stian Skagen (original composition), Clemencic Consort, Hearin´Aid, Nikolay Oorzhar, edited by Erikk McKenzie

Co-produced by:
Regional Arena for Samtidsdans (NO) and Dansmakers Amsterdam (NL) 2009

Thanks to:
Ria Higler (outside eye), Gerardo Gonzalez (residence partner) and Stian Skagen (composer)

Tour 2009-2011:
OT301, Paradiso (I Like To Watch Too), Muiderpoort Theater (Amsterdam), RAS (Sandnes), Dansens Hus (NyNorsk Dans, Oslo), Atlantic Hall (Stavanger).