Huasco Songs

Huasco Songs was based on a travel by Gerardo Gonzalez and Erikk McKenzie in Chile 2007. Bordering to the Atacama Desert, agriculture in Valle Huasco depends on water supplies from glaciers. As Barrick Gold, a multinational mining company, prospected a mining project approved by the Chilenean government, conflict arose between short term and long term, intercontinental and local interests.

The project consists of resulted in a 8mm film Huasco Songs, audio recordings, texts, a photo exhibition and the performance Huasco Song. Blending interviews, facts and personal reflection, Huasco Songs explores the field between documentary, activism and performance, in a dialectic between man and nature, gold and water, life and death.

8mm film / choreography / performance: Erikk McKenzie
Music and audio recordings: Gerardo Gonzalez
Music, video projection and leaflet layout: Stian Skagen
Production year: 2007

Download: “Huasco Songs” leaflet