Evelin Tóth & Erikk McKenzie

Since 2007, Evelin Tóth and Erikk McKenzie have recorded music and played concerts together in Amsterdam, Budapest, Brussels and Krakow. The essence of their musical collaboration is the blending of organic and electronic sounds – where vocals, sample based programming and live manipulations merge into multi layered sound collages, varying between the abstract and the recognizable. Their music is a reflection of their different musical backgrounds – where vocals from jazz, ethnic and world traditions blend with experimental bass, bleeps and beats.

Embraced / Ölelésben is an album composed by Erikk McKenzie og Evelin Tóth.
Concerts at Melkweg (NL), A38, Columbus (HU), Le Chien Perdu and Hungarian Embassy (BE).

Evelin Tóth: Vocals, sansa
Erikk McKenzie: Electronics
Peter Szalai: Tabla, kalimba, percussion
Szöke Szabolcs: Kalimba
Production: Hunnia / EMI 2009

Manbeast was a performance directed by Duda Paiva, with music composed by Erikk McKenzie. Vocals on Medusas song by Evelin Tóth.