Beyond the Box

Beyond the Box is an interactive theater installation for public space conceived and directed by Javier Murugarren, velvet lee and Erikk McKenzie. A metal construction – designed by installation artist Gülsün Orhon and inspired by the houses of the ancient Anatolian civilization of Çatalhöyük – served as scenography and provisional home for the three performers over the course of 24 hours.

A blend of specific movement vocabulary, structured improvisation, and open interaction, Beyond the Box aims to facilitate a performative ambience, a relational sense of conversation, negotiation, and cultural exchange, between those present in the space – performers and audience alike. Beyond the Box was conducted at Besiktas Square, Istanbul, during iDANS festival 2010.

Installation: Gülsün Orhon

Performance / costumes: Javier Murugarren

Performance / text / production: Velvet Lee

Performance / music: Erikk McKenzie

Translation: Belit Sag
Coproduction: Bimeras & iDANS festival 2010

Apart from those mentioned in the video, we would like to thank to all those who volunteered keeping us safe and warm on the street, and to those who generously shared their stories, songs and dances with us.