Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies

Directed and performed by Javier Murugarren and Naiara Mendioroz
Original costumes by Javier Murugarren
Music by Erikk McKenzie and Ivo Bol

Unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies is a theatrical experience inspired by the identity which arises from costumes and textiles.
For each performance a new collection is created following the dramaturgy of tissues and garments. The collection is presented to the audience combining fashion and performance methods: catwalk, text and actions.

Since 2006 the project has been performed in numerous theaters, galleries, bars and cafés,
with official premiere at Antic Teater, Barcelona, 2013.

Javier Murugarren:
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Performance in Melkweg, Amstedam:

unexpected dresses for undefined ceremonies // vestidos inesperados para ceremonias indefinidas from javier murugarren on Vimeo.