Ullers Hage

Ullers contact jam event 2018

Ullers Hage is a farm house with a vegetable garden in Nes, Viken, Norway – less than one hours drive from Oslo. The residents Yngvil S. Thomassen and Erikk McKenzie use the place to facilitate cultural events, practical gardening as well as social events, inspired by permaculture principles, organic gardening and community building.
Here is a list of events which have been held at Ullers Hage since 2014:

Sowing event, with a presentation of the project “Salong” by Katarina Skar Henriksen and Håkon Vadstein Karlstad.

Harvest event, with art exhibition by Renate Soleng and a performance by Erikk McKenzie “Dance for Ullers Hage”.

“Nature in Art #1 and #2”, a dinner symposium on the relation between nature, art and activism, with presentations from Concerned Artists Norway and presentation of ceramic musical instruments by Birthe Kittelsen.

Climate Cinema – film screening as a part of the Climate Festival § 112.

Contact improvisation / music jam event.

Film created on location:
“Syklus” by Erikk McKenzie
“Ullers Labyrinth” by Katarina Skår Henriksen & Erikk McKenzie

Ullers Hage has also hosted artistic processes like “Salong”, “Stemmebånd” and “Attack Decay Sustain Release”.

Still from “Ullers Labyrinth” (2017) by Katarina Skår Henriksen & Erikk McKenie