Attack Decay Sustain Relase

Photo: Inge Screuder-Lindløv

Combining live music and dance performance, Attack Decay Sustain Release explores the relation between movement, sound and context. The project was initiated by a desire to merge my work as musician/composer and dancer/choreographer, to generate artistic collaborations with other musicians and movers, and to create flexible performative structures which can adapt to a wide range of spaces and contexts.

Attack Decay Sustain Release was developed in collaboration with dancer Hanna Filomen Mjåvatn, with Erikk McKenzie as producer and artistic director. Other collaborators have been John Derek Bishop, Fernanda Branco and Ismaera Takeo.

The project was coproduced by Dansearena Nord, Regional Arena for Samtidsdans and Tou Scene, with financial support from Fond for Lyd og Bilde, Fund for Performing Artists and Arts Council Norway.

Photo: Tom Erik Caldino Nicolaysen
Photo: Inge Screuder-Lindløv