Instant Collective

Instant Collective, based in Amsterdam, is an international group of artists working together since 2006. With backgrounds in dance, theater, audiovisual and performance art, music/DJing and costume design, they subversed and intervened clubs, events, public spaces, festivals and theaters. Between 2006 – 2011 Instant Collective organized monthly events under the name Noite Bizarre in Amsterdam. They have performed for Supper Club, Cinedance and ITS festival (Amsterdam), L1 Dance Festival (Budapest) and Inkietas Festival (Estella, Spain) and more.

Associated artists: Javier Murugarren, Daniel Rakish, Sasha Bloem, Sabine Molenaar, Erikk McKenzie, Elena Gidoni and Gina Zabalegui.

This low-quality recording might give you an impression: