Participation in various solo and group improvisations – as musician and dancer/performer – at Varia Festival for Improvisation (Göteborg) and OT301, Bimhuis and Zaal100 (Amsterdam) , and in constellations like skagen/mckenzie (TUSK festival, Newcastle and KinoKino, Sandnes) and aareskjold/gjerstad/mckenzie (Galleri Sult, Tou Scene, Stavanger), as well as sound improvisations for film (Goethe Institute, Amsterdam) and live audiomixing field recordings (Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam). Latest performance in Human Touch vol III directed by Katrine Kirsebom (Scenehuset, Oslo).

aareskjold/gjerstad/mckenzie from Erikk McKenzie on Vimeo.

HumanTouch, vol III from Kaki on Vimeo.

a dance for Ullers Hage (2014) from Erikk McKenzie on Vimeo.