I, YOU #1 (2008)

I, YOU is a video collaboration between Erikk McKenzie and Li Ning, performer and video artist based in Ji´nan, China. The video was recorded by the Yellow River in the outskirts of Ji´nan during October 2007. Each artist edited the material into two different versions, I, YOU # 1 ( McKenzie ) and I, YOU # 2 ( Li Ning ), which both premiered during Julidans 2008, Amsterdam. (I,YOU#2 also contained material recorded after October 2007).

In China, where natural environments are rapidly being transformed into landscapes of urban industry, the banks of Yellow River provided a unique setting for exploring body, sand and water as physical components for a film. The vast landscape brings to mind images of prehistoric time or to extraterrestrial landscapes.

The conceptual base for the films is the experience of the self and the other.
Lacking a common verbal language, identity and communication inevitably became a topic not only for the film, but for the artistic process itself.

Download article “Snapshots from the contemporary Chinese performance scene” by Erikk McKenzie.
Published in Contact Quarterly, vol 33 No 2, 2008

Performers: Li Ning, Erikk McKenzie
Camera: Tong Wei Jiun
Music: Erikk McKenzie
Translation: Ren Wen, Zhang Xi
Assistants: Cong Jun, Gong Hu Sheng
Production: Li Ning, Erikk McKenzie, China and Netherlands 2007 / 2008
Co-production: Julidans (NL) with support from the Borneoco Foundation and School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam.