I, YOU #1

I, YOU is a video collaboration between Erikk McKenzie and Li Ning, performer and video artist based in Ji´nan, China. The video was recorded by the Yellow River in the outskirts of Ji´nan during October 2007. Each artist edited the material into two different versions, I, YOU # 1 ( McKenzie ) and I, YOU # 2 ( Li Ning ), which both premiered during Julidans 2008, Amsterdam. (I,YOU#2 also contained material recorded after October 2007).

In China, where natural environments are rapidly being transformed into landscapes of urban industry, the banks of Yellow River provided a unique setting for exploring body, sand and water as physical components for a film. The vast landscape brings to mind images of prehistoric time or to extraterrestrial landscapes.

The conceptual base for the films is the experience of the self and the other.
Lacking a common verbal language, identity and communication inevitably became a topic not only for the film, but for the artistic process itself.

Performers: Li Ning, Erikk McKenzie
Camera: Tong Wei Jiun
Music: Erikk McKenzie
Translation: Ren Wen, Zhang Xi
Assistants: Cong Jun, Gong Hu Sheng
Production: Li Ning, Erikk McKenzie, China and Netherlands 2007 / 2008
Co-production: Julidans (NL) with support from the Borneoco Foundation and School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam.