In my work performing for other choreographers and theater directors – whose work may emphasize text, movement or sound – my main entrance to my role as a performer rests on the embodyment of intention, and to be in communication with my surroundings.
Headline photo from the performance Hardly Ever by Wee/Francesco Scavetta.

Performing in the following productions:
Wee/Francesco Scavetta: Lost Accidentally (Cuba 2017)
Alexandra Birici: Monument to Work (Trondheim Kunsthall 2016 – 2017)
Wee/Francesco Scavetta: Hardly Ever (Tour Europe / Japan / Cuba 2015 – 2017)
Nina Ossavy: Hav Engler (Teaterfestivalen i Fjaler, Galleri Vanntårnet 2015 – 2016)
Katrine Kirsebom: Human Touch III (Scenehuset, Oslo 2015)
Avdal/Shinozaki: Borrowed Landscapes (Oslo International Theater Festival 2014)
Linda Birkedal / Molitrix Scenekunst: In Between, Borders (Tou Scene, Dansearena Nord 2011- 2012)
Annika Luschin / Wildlaks: I Vintervinden (Steirscher Herbst, Rom for Dans 2007 / 2012)
Min Tanaka / Katarina Bakatsaki: The Magic Flute (Salzburger Festspiele 2008)

Improvisation performances:

Musician/dancer at various improvisation events:
Norway: KinoKino (Sandnes), Tou Scene, Galleri Sult (Stavanger), Rikscenen (Nordic Music Incubator, Ultima Festival)
Amsterdam: Bimhuis, OT301, Zaal100
Montevideo: Sitiada Festival 2006
Göteborg: VARIA festival for improvisation 2007 – 2011
UK: TUSK festival 2012

Hardly Ever by Wee/Francesco Scavetta.

Hav Engler
by Nina Ossavy.

HumanTouch, vol III by Katrine Kirsebom.

Borders by Linda Birkedal/Molitrix Scenekunst.

I Vintervinden by Annika Luschin/Wildlaks.

Nattsvermere (2015) from Molitrix Scenekunst.